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19th May 2013: Morning & Evening with Stephen Lloyd, Gravesend Baptist Church

Preacher: Stephen Lloyd
Date: 19 May 2013 – AM
Passage: 1 Samuel 17:3-12a, 32-50 Why did David kill Goliath?


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Date: 19 May 2013 – PM
Passage: Genesis 6:5-22, 8:18-9:1 Why the Flood?


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Guest Preachers 2017-18

Date Title Hand-out Recording
04/11/2018, PM Daniel 2 “Security in an uncertain world” Matt Faulkner
04/11/2018, AM Psalm 84 “The place to be!” Geoff Sayer
09/09/2018, AM Daniel 1 Living for God in a world that hates him Matt Faulkner
02/09/2018, PM Hebrews 4v1-13: Keith Waters
02/09/2018, AM Psalm 24v1-6: Cleaning required… Jon Lloyd
08/07/2018, PM John 10 v.1-21: Whats so special about the Gospel? Paul Brown
08/07/2018, AM 1 Tim 1 v.15: Whats so special about the Gospel? Matt Faulkner
17/06/2018, PM 1 Cor 8 & 9 v.19-23: It isnt wrong, we just dont do it! Rob McNeish
17/06/2018, AM 1 Cor 8 & 9 v.19-23: It isnt wrong, we just dont do it! Geoff Sayer
06/05/18, AM 1Cor. 15 v.47-58: Christ’s Resurrection: History, Mystery, Victory Jim Love
08/04/18, PM Romans 3 v.21-26: “The Righteousness of God through faith” Dave Hall
08/04/18, AM Hebrews 12 v.1-3: “Running the race to the end” Matt Faulkner
04/02/18, AM Luke 19 v.1-10: “Going through the eye of a needle” Matt Faulkner
5/11/17, PM 1 Kings 18 v.16-20: “God’s fire works!” Matt Faulkner
5/11/17, AM Genesis 45 v.1-20: “His Name begins with J” Geoff Sayer
3/9/17, PM Galations 5 v.1-12: Dont get cut up! Keith Waters
3/9/17, AM James 4 v.13-17: “The place of God in our Everyday lives” Matt Faulkner
9/7/17, PM Ezekiel 1: “What is God like?” Rob McNeish
18/6/17, PM Revelation 5: The Worthy Lamb Rob McNeish
18/6/17, AM John 13 v.1-17: Utter Love Geoff Sayer
26/3/17, PM Proverbs 1 v. 1-7 Matthew Faulkner
26/3/17, AM Ezekiel 36 v.22-32 & 1 John 5 v.1-5 Evan King
5/3/17, PM Isaiah 6 v.1-8 Myles MacBean, ZM


James ~ The testing of your Faith

Date Title Preacher Hand-out Recording
29/04/18, PM James 5 v.13-20: How to be God-dependent Colin Stringer file_pdf
22/04/18, PM James 5 v.7-12: Making the Outlook, the uplook Colin Stringer file_pdf
15/04/18, PM James 5 v.1-6: Investment Advice Colin Stringer file_pdf
18/03/18, PM James 4 v.13-17: What will tomorrow bring? Colin Stringer file_pdf
04/03/18, PM James 4 v.1-12: Your heart in your Mouth Colin Stringer file_pdf
25/02/18, PM James 4 v.1-10: Approaching God Paul Brown
18/02/18, PM James 4 v.1-6: “But he gives more Grace” Pastor Colin file_pdf
11/02/18, PM James 3 v.13-18: Time to wise up! Pastor Colin file_pdf
04/02/18, PM James 3 v.1-12: Words escape us Jonathan Lloyd
28/01/18, PM James 2 v.14-26: Faith works! Pastor Colin file_pdf
21/01/18, PM James 2 v.8-13: How to avoid favouritism Pastor Colin file_pdf
07/01/18, PM James 2 v.1-7: Two men came into church… Pastor Colin file_pdf
25/11/17, PM James 1 v.19-27: Responding to Gods word Pastor Colin file_pdf
22/10/17, PM James 1v1-18: Two ears, one mouth! Jonathan Lloyd
22/10/17, PM James 1v1-18: “Do not be deceived” Pastor Colin file_pdf
15/10/17, PM James 1v9-12: Solid joys and lasting treasure Pastor Colin file_pdf
08/10/17, PM James 1v5-8: Needing Wisdom? Pastor Colin file_pdf
01/10/17, PM James 1v1-4: The testing of your faith Pastor Colin file_pdf



Above the door on the way out of our church building “The Mission Field Starts Here!” We at SBC are very much committed to missions beyond our building and indeed beyond our nation. We support a variety of organisations around the world in their mission to spread the Gospel of Christ.


Asia Link

AsiaLink are committed to the spread of the gospel amongst the unreached peoples of Asia. They focus upon helping indigenous church leaders to direct their own outreach among Asia’s least-reached peoples.

This work is achieved in many ways, from the support of evangelists and church-planters in some of the region’s most inaccessible areas to the printing and distributing of evangelistic literature and Bibles in restricted access areas, as well as relief and community development projects among unreached people groups where the ultimate focus of the aid includes evangelism and church planting.

Biblical Creation Trust

BCT is a UK based organisation who work in partnership with local churches to equip the church to approach the topic of origins with confidence, and to proclaim the truth of the Bible and its gospel message. Their workers, take meetings on both the biblical and scientific aspects of the origins, and are also involved in scientific research that is consistent with the Bible’s story-line. Paul Garner works for BCT full time.  Steve Lloyd is a part-time researcher and lecturer for BCT and is also pastor of Hope Church, Gravesend. Matthew Pickhaver and Bill Worraker work as associates of BCT.

Dani and Doina Vasilica

Dani and Doina Vasilica work in Romania, where they seek to spread the gospel,
evangelise and disciple children and young people through the teaching of God’s Word.

Their work includes regular children’s ministry in local churches, organising and running children’s camps in the summer, live radio broadcasts, an online ministry for children and young people as well as literature translation.

Dani and Doina have two daughters, both of whom are at University.

Malcolm and Ruth Firth

Malcolm and Ruth Firth live and work in Latvia, seeking to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people around about them. They both planted and work at the Mezciems International Baptist Church in Riga. 

Malcolm also teaches at the Riga International Bible Institute as well as travelling and speaking throughout Latvia and further afield. 

Ruth is involved with a Christian compassion ministry called GAiN which seeks to help people who are being seriously affected by the current economic difficulties facing Latvia by providing them with clothing and food.

Zambesi MissionZambesi Mission


Zambesi Mission works in partnership with the Zambesi Evangelical Church to help Christians in Malawi and northern Mozambique to use their God-given gifts, to spread the gospel, and to show the love of God in many practical ways including; health care, education and caring for orphans.

ZM also partners with the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi to train future leaders, evangelists and church planters. They also seek to put the Scriptures into as many hands as possible through the distribution of Bibles and Book Sets. In many parts of the country people will walk for miles in the hope of getting a Bible!



Soham Pumpkin Fair

See Jon Lloyd for details of the refreshments rota.


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