James ~ The testing of your Faith

Date Title Preacher Hand-out Recording
29/04/18, PM James 5 v.13-20: How to be God-dependent Colin Stringer file_pdf
22/04/18, PM James 5 v.7-12: Making the Outlook, the uplook Colin Stringer file_pdf
15/04/18, PM James 5 v.1-6: Investment Advice Colin Stringer file_pdf
18/03/18, PM James 4 v.13-17: What will tomorrow bring? Colin Stringer file_pdf
04/03/18, PM James 4 v.1-12: Your heart in your Mouth Colin Stringer file_pdf
25/02/18, PM James 4 v.1-10: Approaching God Paul Brown
18/02/18, PM James 4 v.1-6: “But he gives more Grace” Pastor Colin file_pdf
11/02/18, PM James 3 v.13-18: Time to wise up! Pastor Colin file_pdf
04/02/18, PM James 3 v.1-12: Words escape us Jonathan Lloyd
28/01/18, PM James 2 v.14-26: Faith works! Pastor Colin file_pdf
21/01/18, PM James 2 v.8-13: How to avoid favouritism Pastor Colin file_pdf
07/01/18, PM James 2 v.1-7: Two men came into church… Pastor Colin file_pdf
25/11/17, PM James 1 v.19-27: Responding to Gods word Pastor Colin file_pdf
22/10/17, PM James 1v1-18: Two ears, one mouth! Jonathan Lloyd
22/10/17, PM James 1v1-18: “Do not be deceived” Pastor Colin file_pdf
15/10/17, PM James 1v9-12: Solid joys and lasting treasure Pastor Colin file_pdf
08/10/17, PM James 1v5-8: Needing Wisdom? Pastor Colin file_pdf
01/10/17, PM James 1v1-4: The testing of your faith Pastor Colin file_pdf

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