I press on towards the goal…

Twelve years after he first arrived in Philippi, Paul writes this letter from prison in Rome (Acts 28). Firstly, to acknowledge a gift received from the church. He is grateful for the loving concern that they have for him; demonstrated in their sending Epaphroditus to minister to him (4:10-18).

But this is more than a thankyou letter. He wants to update them concerning his own situation; and encourage them about the progress of the gospel, despite his own suffering. What he is enduring is far from being a setback for the cause of the gospel.

Paul also writes to encourage the believers in their faith; for which they too are also suffering (1:30). The letter is full of practical issues of Christian living. They are to stand firm against false teachers. They are to be united in fellowship. They are to continue to be a beacon for the gospel. They are to experience Christian joy; a theme Paul regularly refers to in this letter.

In this series we join these believers as they open this letter and discover the great themes that will enrich their faith in Jesus Christ.



Study No. Title Study Hand-out Leaders Notes
1. Philippians 1:1-6:“To all the saints in Christ Jesus…” file_pdf download
2. Philippians 1:7-11: “I hold you in my heart” file_pdf download
3. Philippians 1:12-18: “I want you to know…” file_pdf download
4. Philippians 1:19-26: “To live is Christ” file_pdf download
5. Philippians 1:27-30: “Worthy of the gospel” file_pdf download
6. Philippians 2:1-4: “Complete my Joy” file_pdf download
7. Philippians 2:12-18: “Humiliation & Exaltation” file_pdf download
8. Philippians 2:12-18:“A good work out” file_pdf download
9. Philippians 2:19-24:“I have noone like him” file_pdf download
10. Philippians 2:25-30; 4:14-18:“He nearly died for the work of Christ” file_pdf


Introducing Joseph

The story of Joseph has been described as a ‘soap opera’. We might certainly say that to someone coming to it for the first time; it’s a tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Joseph becomes the instrument through which God protects His covenant nation and His Messianic purposes. God’s plans never fail; even when circumstances might suggest otherwise. As one writer puts it: “Joseph’s confidence was not in his ability to understand his circumstances; his confidence was in the God of all circumstances” (H J Berry).

May that increasingly be our testimony as we go on this adventure with Joseph in the coming months.



Study No. Title Study Hand-out Leaders Notes
1. Genesis 37:1-11:“God meant it for good.” file_pdf download
2. Genesis 37:12-24:“Here comes this Dreamer” file_pdf download
3. Genesis 37:12-24:“Sold for twenty pieces of silver” file_pdf download
4. Genesis 39:1-10:“The Lord was with Joseph” file_pdf download
5. Genesis 39:11-23:“But one day…” file_pdf download
6. Genesis 40:1-23:“Prison and Providence” file_pdf download
7. Genesis 41:1-13:“After two whole years…” file_pdf download
8. Genesis 41:14-36:From the pit to the Palace file_pdf download
9. Genesis 41:37-57:“Can we find a man like this?” file_pdf download
10. Genesis 42:1-17:“All roads lead to Egypt” file_pdf download
11. Genesis 42:18-38:“When the past catches up with you” file_pdf download
12. Genesis 42:18-38:“When conscience catches up with you” file_pdf download
13. Genesis 43:16-34:“Is there such a thing as a free lunch?” file_pdf download
14. Genesis 44:1-13:“The Final Test!” file_pdf download
15. Genesis 44:14-34:“Mercy: the only hope” file_pdf download
16. Genesis 45:1-15:“A Day to remember!” file_pdf download
17. Genesis 45:16-28:“You shall eat the fat of the land!” file_pdf download
18. Genesis 46:1-27:“So Israel took his journey…” file_pdf download
19. Genesis 46:28-47:6:“The Great Reunion” file_pdf download
20. Genesis 47:7-26:“Settlers; yet Sojourners” file_pdf download
21. Genesis 48:27-48:22:“So Israel took his journey…” file_pdf download
22. Genesis 49:1, 8-12, 22-26:“Not the end of the story” file_pdf
23. Genesis 49:33-50:14:“They went; they returned” file_pdf


Studies on John 13-17

“On the night when He was betrayed…”

When we read the title of this series our immediate thoughts are taken to the Last Supper that Jesus shared with His disciples in the Upper Room.

Matthew, Mark and Luke all give us details of this momentous occasion as Jesus prepares to go to the cross. John however; despite giving us more information than any of the others about what happened that night, chooses not to describe the meal.

John’s gospel was written some years after the other three. The Last Supper had been described already in detail. Paul had taught about it in his first letter to the Corinthians. What John proceeds to do is give an insight into the other remarkable events of that night.

Of course; he was there; sitting next to Jesus at the table (John 13:23). He was there; among that small group of disciples whom Jesus took aside when He prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14:33).

The Lord of glory was about to be betrayed and murdered. The disciples would be scattered, and the boldest of them would deny even knowing Him. Into this Jesus speaks some of the most precious promises in all of Scripture. Here we find some of the most significant teaching that He gave. Then we are privileged to listen in to those intimate prayers of the Saviour, as He prepares to bring redemption to lost mankind through death and resurrection.

In this series we study these five remarkable chapters. Let us join those disciples at the Master’s feet.



Study No. Title Study Hand-out Leaders Notes
1. John 13:1-11:“Jesus knew that His hour had come.” file_pdf download
2. John 13:12-17:“I have given you an example” file_pdf download
3. John 13:18-30:“And it was night.” file_pdf download
4. John 13:31-38:“A new commandment.” file_pdf download
5. John 14:1-6:“Which way to heaven?” file_pdf download
6. John 14:7-14:“Show us the Father” file_pdf download
7. John 14:15-20:“Jesus knew that His hour had come.” file_pdf download
8. John 14:21-24:“Obedience flowing from Love.” file_pdf download
9. John 14:25-31:“More lessons around the dinner table.” file_pdf download
10. Reading: John 15:1-5:“I Am the true vine (1)” file_pdf download
11. Reading: John 15:6-11:“I am the true vine (2)” file_pdf download
12. Reading: John 15:12-17:“Fruitful Friends” file_pdf download
13. Reading: John 15:18-25:“A servant is not greater than his master” file_pdf download
14. Reading: John 15:26-16:4a:“Remember that I told them to you” file_pdf download
15. Reading: John 16:4b-11:“It is to your advantage that I go away” file_pdf download
16. Reading: John 16:12-15:“When the spirit of God comes” file_pdf download
17. Reading: John 16:16-24:“A little while and …” file_pdf download
18. Reading: John 16:25-33:“Plain speaking” file_pdf download
19. Reading: John 17:1-5:“When Jesus had spoken these words” file_pdf download
20. Reading: John 17:6-11:“Jesus prays for His disciples” file_pdf download
21. Reading: John 17:12-19:“Sanctify them in the truth” file_pdf
22. Reading: John 17:20-26:“So that the world may believe” file_pdf


HFG Studies on Joshua

Joshua 1:2 is not everyone’s idea of an appealing job offer! So who is this man about to step into some of the biggest shoes in Biblical history?

Exodus 33:11 tells us that Joshua was a young man when he left Egypt. Moses takes him under his wing and for the next forty years he undergoes training that, unbeknown to him, prepares him to fulfil God’s promise given to Abraham 500 years earlier (Genesis 12) and lead the Israelites into the Promised Land.

We preface our studies in the book of Joshua by looking back over some of those events in the wilderness that would shape this young man’s life and ultimately bring him to the point of this specific call to take over from Moses.

Enter Joshua!

Study No. Title Study Hand-out Leaders Notes
1. Joshua – And what experience would you bring to this job?:
Exodus 17:8-16
file_pdf download
2. So near and yet so far:
Numbers 13:17-20; 25-29 Numbers 14:6-10
file_pdf download
3. Commissioned for a mission:
Numbers 27:18-23 Deuteronomy 31:7-8
file_pdf download
4. A new man at the helm:
Joshua 1:1-5
file_pdf download
5. Be strong and courageous:
Joshua 1:6-9
file_pdf download
6. Prepare your provisions!:
Joshua 1:10-18
file_pdf download
7. Joshua – Secret Service:
Joshua 2:1-11
file_pdf download
8. Joshua – Faith in Action:
Joshua 2:12-21
file_pdf download
9. Joshua – Ready Steady Follow!:
file_pdf download
10. Joshua – Listen to the words of the LORD your God:
file_pdf download
11. Joshua – Dipping your toes in:
Joshua 3:14-17
file_pdf download
12. Joshua – What do those stones mean to you?:
Joshua 4:1-10
file_pdf download
13. Joshua – That all peoples of the earth may know:
Joshua 4:11-24
file_pdf download
14. Joshua – Renewal before Conquest:
Joshua 5:1-12
file_pdf download
15. Joshua – Who is really in command?:
Joshua 5:13-15
file_pdf download
16. Joshua – “And the wall of the city will fall down flat”:
Joshua 6:1-5
file_pdf download
17. Joshua – “When seven days do not make one weak!”:
Joshua 6:6-15
file_pdf download
18. Joshua – Shout, for the Lord has given you the city:
Joshua 6:16-21
file_pdf download
19. Joshua – Judgment and Salvation:
Joshua 6:22-27
file_pdf download
20. Joshua – What will you do for your great nation?:
Joshua 7:1-9
file_pdf download
21. Joshua – Then the Lord turned from his burning anger:
Joshua 7:10-26
file_pdf download
22. Joshua – A people back on track:
Joshua 8:1-29


Studies from the Sermon On the Mount

This Series of HFG will explore the Sermon on the Mount.

Study No. Title Study Handout Leaders Notes
1. Matthew 4:23-5:2: The Status of the Disciple file_pdf download
2. Matthew 5:3-4: The Transformation of the Disciple file_pdf download
3. Matthew 5:5-6: The Progress of the Disciple file_pdf download
4. Matthew 5:7-8: The Standard of the Disciple. file_pdf download
5. Matthew 5:9-12: The Reward of the Disciple. file_pdf download
6. Matthew 5:13-16: The Distinctiveness of the Disciple. file_pdf download
7. Matthew 5:17-20: What price Righteousness? file_pdf download
8. Matthew 5:21-26: Measuring Sin in degrees. file_pdf download
9. Matthew 5:27-30: Concerning heart and limbs. file_pdf download
10. Matthew 5:31-32: Getting the right interpretation. file_pdf download
11. Matthew 5:33-37: A simple yes or no. file_pdf download
12. Matthew 5:38-42: The anvil and the hammer. file_pdf download
13. Matthew 5:43-48: Being sons of the Father. file_pdf download
14. Matthew 6:1-4: Secret Service. file_pdf download
15. Matthew 6:5-8: Secret Service (cont.). file_pdf download
16. Matthew 6:9-10:First things first! file_pdf download
17. Matthew 6:11:Prayer wi’ nowt taken out! file_pdf download
18. Matthew 6:12-15:Forgive us… Lead us…. Deliver us… file_pdf download
19. Matthew 6:16-18:Fasting file_pdf download
20. Matthew 6:19-21:Top Investment tips! file_pdf download
21. Matthew 6:22-24:Its one or the other. file_pdf download
22. Matthew 6:25-30:Keep calm and carry on! file_pdf download
23. Matthew 6:31-34:What to pursue? file_pdf download
24. Matthew 7:1-6:Dont be a Speck Inspector? file_pdf download
25. Matthew 7:7-11:How much more… file_pdf download
26. Matthew 7:12-14:Pilgrims progress file_pdf download
27. Matthew 7:15-20: Fruit Recognition file_pdf download
28. Matthew 7:21-23: Surely we did enough! file_pdf download
29. Matthew 7:24-29:Dig deep; build well file_pdf download


HFG Studies: Psalms of David

During this HFG series we are going to look at some of David’s Psalms. The particular ones we want to study have had their historical setting established and give us some background to the Psalmist’s motivation as he writes.

Study No. Title Study Handout Leaders Notes
1. Psalm 34: How to be a Radiant Christian file_pdf download
2. Psalm 56 v1-13: Fear & Faith file_pdf download
3. Psalm 52 v1-9: Trusting in the right things file_pdf download
4. Psalm 54 v1-7: How to be the odd one out. file_pdf download
5. Psalm 57 v1-11: The fixed heart. file_pdf download
6. Psalm 30 v1-12: How to be a singing saint. file_pdf download
7. Psalm 51 v1-19: When the only way is up. file_pdf download
8. Psalm 3 v1-8: Confidence when things fall apart. file_pdf download
9. Psalm 63 v1-11: When experience brings assurance. file_pdf download
10. Psalm 7 v1-11: A call for justice. file_pdf download
11. Psalm 18 v1-15: When not all storms are bad. file_pdf download


Christianity Explored

In a change from our usual home grown bible study series, we are currently working through the Christianity Explored course. This is a brilliantly put together and well used course for those interested in finding out more about the Christian Faith, and interested in the big questions;

  • if there is a God why does he allow suffering?
  • aren’t all religions the same?
  • does God even exist?

Whilst most members of the home groups are already comfortable answering such questions for themselves, working through this course helps us to take a fresh look at our faith, our own lives and think carefully through what we really believe, and why!

Study material, with passages and questions are available from the HFG leaders, as are the DVDs used for the course. There is also loads of supporting information available on the Christianity Explored website.


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