Message – Sermon series

Visiting Preachers 2017-18

Date Title Hand-out Recording
17/06/2018, AM 1 Cor 8 & 9 v.19-23: It isnt wrong, we just dont do it! Geoff Sayer
17/06/2018, PM 1 Cor 8 & 9 v.19-23: It isnt wrong, we just dont do it! Rob McNeish
06/05/18, AM 1Cor. 15 v.47-58: Christ’s Resurrection: History, Mystery, Victory Jim Love
08/04/18, PM Romans 3 v.21-26: “The Righteousness of God through faith” Dave Hall
08/04/18, AM Hebrews 12 v.1-3: “Running the race to the end” Matt Faulkner
04/02/18, AM Luke 19 v.1-10: “Going through the eye of a needle” Matt Faulkner
5/11/17, PM 1 Kings 18 v.16-20: “God’s fire works!” Matt Faulkner
5/11/17, AM Genesis 45 v.1-20: “His Name begins with J” Geoff Sayer
3/9/17, PM Galations 5 v.1-12: Dont get cut up! Keith Waters
3/9/17, AM James 4 v.13-17: “The place of God in our Everyday lives” Matt Faulkner
9/7/17, PM Ezekiel 1: “What is God like?” Rob McNeish
18/6/17, PM Revelation 5: The Worthy Lamb Rob McNeish
18/6/17, AM John 13 v.1-17: Utter Love Geoff Sayer
26/3/17, AM Ezekiel 36 v.22-32 & 1 John 5 v.1-5 Evan King
26/3/17, PM Proverbs 1 v. 1-7 Matthew Faulkner
5/3/17, PM Isaiah 6 v.1-8 Myles MacBean, ZM


Four messages from Genesis 3

Date Title Preacher Hand-out Recording
10/06/2018, PM Genesis 3 v.14-24: “Paradise Lost” Paul Brown
03/06/2018, PM Genesis 3 v.8-19: “The Lord said to…” Colin Stringer file_pdf
27/05/2018, PM Genesis 3 v.7-13: The Naked Truth! Colin Stringer file_pdf
20/05/2018, PM Genesis 3 v.1-7: Bad News! Colin Stringer file_pdf


Studies in Ephesians 1

Date Title Preacher Hand-out Recording
10/06/2018, AM Ephesians 2 v1-10: Saved by Grace Colin Stringer file_pdf
03/06/2018, AM Ephesians 2 v1-53: Alive or dead Paul Brown
27/05/2018, AM Ephesians 1 v.3-23: Having the eyes of your hearts enlightened Pastor Colin file_pdf
20/05/2018, AM Ephesians 1 v.11-23: For what reason Paul Brown
13/05/2018, AM Ephesians 1 v.11-14: We have an Inheritance! Colin Stringer file_pdf
29/04/2018, AM Ephesians 1 v.7-10: I stand redeemed Colin Stringer file_pdf
22/04/2018, AM Ephesians 1 v.1-6: “According to the purpose of His will” Colin Stringer file_pdf
15/04/2018, AM Ephesians 1 v.3: “To the saints… in Ephesus… in Christ” Colin Stringer file_pdf


Stand alone messages

Date Title Preacher Hand-out Recording
13/05/2018, PM Mark 13 v.32-42: Gethsemane Colin Stringer file_pdf
14/01/18, PM Isaiah 53v1-6: “Man of sorrows! What a name” Pastor Colin file_pdf


2018 Motto verse ~ Mark 16v15 “Go into all the world…”

Date Title Preacher Hand-out Recording
06/05/18, AM Matt. 28v16-20 & Mark 16v14-20: He said “Go” Paul Brown
14/01/18, AM Mark 16v15: “Go into all the world…” Pastor Colin file_pdf


James ~ The testing of your Faith

Date Title Preacher Hand-out Recording
29/04/18, PM James 5 v.13-20: How to be God-dependent Colin Stringer file_pdf
22/04/18, PM James 5 v.7-12: Making the Outlook, the uplook Colin Stringer file_pdf
15/04/18, PM James 5 v.1-6: Investment Advice Colin Stringer file_pdf
18/03/18, PM James 4 v.13-17: What will tomorrow bring? Colin Stringer file_pdf
04/03/18, PM James 4 v.1-12: Your heart in your Mouth Colin Stringer file_pdf
25/02/18, PM James 4 v.1-10: Approaching God Paul Brown
18/02/18, PM James 4 v.1-6: “But he gives more Grace” Pastor Colin file_pdf
11/02/18, PM James 3 v.13-18: Time to wise up! Pastor Colin file_pdf
04/02/18, PM James 3 v.1-12: Words escape us Jonathan Lloyd
28/01/18, PM James 2 v.14-26: Faith works! Pastor Colin file_pdf
21/01/18, PM James 2 v.8-13: How to avoid favouritism Pastor Colin file_pdf
07/01/18, PM James 2 v.1-7: Two men came into church… Pastor Colin file_pdf
25/11/17, PM James 1 v.19-27: Responding to Gods word Pastor Colin file_pdf
22/10/17, PM James 1v1-18: Two ears, one mouth! Jonathan Lloyd
22/10/17, PM James 1v1-18: “Do not be deceived” Pastor Colin file_pdf
15/10/17, PM James 1v9-12: Solid joys and lasting treasure Pastor Colin file_pdf
08/10/17, PM James 1v5-8: Needing Wisdom? Pastor Colin file_pdf
01/10/17, PM James 1v1-4: The testing of your faith Pastor Colin file_pdf


Lent & Easter 2018

Date Title Preacher Hand-out Recording
01/04/18, Easter Sunday PM Romans 7 v.1-7: Alive! Jesus Christ our Lord Colin Stringer file_pdf
01/04/18, Easter Sunday AM & Baptism Luke 24: Jesus is alive! Colin Stringer / Paul Brown
30/03/18, Good Friday Luke 23 v.34: “Father, forgive them” Colin Stringer
25/03/18, AM Luke 19 v.28-38 & v.39-44: If I had only known… Paul Brown
25/03/18, PM Matthew 21 v.1-11: The King is Coming! Colin Stringer file_pdf
18/03/18, PM Gen 3:1-6 & Rom 5:12-19: How was it all put right? Colin Stringer file_pdf
11/03/18, PM 2Cor 5:14-15: “The love of Christ” Colin Stringer file_pdf
11/03/18, AM Genesis 3:1-20: Where did it all go wrong? Paul Brown


The Judges of the Old Testament

Date Title Preacher Hand-out Recording
04/03/2018, AM Judges 16 v.1-31: Samson: The secret of strength Colin Stringer file_pdf
25/02/2018, AM Judges 15 v.1-20: Samson: Flawed yet Faithful Colin Stringer file_pdf
18/02/2018, AM Judges 14: Samson: Empowering of the Holy Spirit Paul Brown
21/01/2018, AM Judges 13 v.1-25: Samson: A Good Start Colin Stringer file_pdf
28/01/2018, AM Judges 11 v.29-40: Jephthah: What a mess! Paul Brown
21/01/2018, AM Judges 11 v.1-28: Jephthah: In from the cold Colin Stringer file_pdf
26/11/17, AM Judges 7 v.1-23: “Stand Your Ground” Paul Brown
19/11/17, AM Judges6v25-44: “Gideon: A work in progress” Pastor Colin file_pdf
12/11/17, AM Judges6v1-24: “What… Me?” Paul Brown
22/10/17, AM Judges4v1-16: “Does not the Lord go out before you?” Pastor Colin file_pdf
15/10/17, AM Judges3v12-30: “I have a message from God for yous” Pastor Colin file_pdf
08/10/17, AM Judges2v3-11: “They forgot the LORD their God” Paul Brown
01/10/17, AM Judges2v1-23: “Then the Lord raised up Judges” Pastor Colin file_pdf


Baptism Service ~ 7th January 2018

Date Title Preacher Hand-out Recording
07/01/18, AM Acts 8v26-29: The GOOD NEWS about Jesus Pastor Colin file_pdf


Advent & Christmas 2017 ~ Hark the Glad Sound!

Date Title Preacher Hand-out Recording
31/12/17, PM Rev. 1 v1-6: Concerning the Lord Jesus Christ Ian Chambers Fellowship service
31/12/17, AM Luke 2 v8-14: Resolutions for the New Year Pastor Colin file_pdf
25/12/17, AM Luke 2 v13-14: “O Come all ye faithful” Pastor Colin Christmas Day
24/12/17, PM Luke 2 v13-14: “Hark the Herald Angel Sing” Pastor Colin Carol Service
24/12/17, AM Luke 2 v8-14: “It came upon the midnight clear” Pastor Colin file_pdf
17/12/17, PM Luke 2 v1-7: “Silent Night” Pastor Colin file_pdf
17/12/17, AM Micah 5 v1-5: “O little town of Bethlehem” Paul Brown
10/12/17, PM Isaiah 9 v2-7: “Joy to the world” Paul Brown
10/12/17, AM Phil 2v5-8: “From the heights of glory” Pastor Colin file_pdf
3/12/17, PM John 1 v1-18: “You’re the Word of God” Pastor Colin file_pdf
3/12/17, AM Isaiah 40v1-11: “Hark the Glad Sound” Pastor Colin file_pdf


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