Message – Sermon series

James ~ The testing of your Faith

Date Title Preacher Hand-out Recording
22/10/17, PM James 1v1-18: “Do not be deceived” Pastor Colin file_pdf
15/10/17, PM James 1v9-12: Solid joys and lasting treasure Pastor Colin file_pdf
08/10/17, PM James 1v5-8: Needing Wisdom? Pastor Colin file_pdf
01/10/17, PM James 1v1-4: The testing of your faith Pastor Colin file_pdf


The Judges of the Old Testament

Date Title Preacher Hand-out Recording
22/10/17, AM Judges4v1-16: “Does not the Lord go out before you?” Pastor Colin file_pdf
15/10/17, AM Judges3v12-30: “I have a message from God for yous” Pastor Colin file_pdf
08/10/17, AM Judges2v3-11: “They forgot the LORD their God” Paul Brown
01/10/17, AM Judges2v1-23: “Then the Lord raised up Judges” Pastor Colin file_pdf


Harvest Thanksgiving 2017

Date Title Hand-out Recording
24/9/17, PM John 4: 27-42 There is a harvest Paul Brown
24/9/17, AM Luke 12:16-21 Building Barns Pastor Colin


Missions Week 2017

Date Title Hand-out Recording
17/9/2017, PM Revelation 5:1-14 The Consummation of Mission file_pdf
17/9/2017, AM Mark 6:30-44 At the Centre of Mission, Jesus David Quinn
10/9/2017, PM Matthew 10 The Cost of Mission
10/9/2017, AM Acts 1:1-11 The Call to Mission


ABC… of the Christian Experience ~ Pastor Colin Stringer & Paul Brown

Date Title Hand-out Recording
27/8/17, PM Ephesians 2:1-10 ABC: Life file_pdf
27/8/17, AM Philippians 3:1-14 ABC: Knowledge file_pdf
20/8/17, PM Galatians 2:11-21 & Luke 18:9-14 ABC: Justified by? Paul Brown
20/8/17, AM Hebrews 10:1-18, 7:23-26 ABC: Intercession file_pdf
13/8/17, AM 1 Peter 1:3-9 ABC: Hope of Heaven Paul Brown
13/8/17, AM Ephesians 4:1-6 ABC: Growth in Grace Paul Brown
06/8/17, AM Psalm 16 ABC: Enjoying God file_pdf
06/8/17, PM Ephesians 1:3-10 ABC: Forgiveness file_pdf
30/7/17, PM Matthew 28:16-20 ABC: Discipleship file_pdf
30/7/17, AM Phil 4:10-20 ABC: Contentment Paul Brown
23/7/17, PM 1Samuel3 ABC: Let’s look at the Bible Paul Brown
23/7/17, AM Hebrews10:19-25 ABC: Assurance file_pdf


Outreach Service weekend ~ July 16th

Date Title Hand-out Recording
16/7/17, PM Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 Finding True Happiness Pastor Colin
16/7/17, AM 1Corinthians 11:17-34 “When you come together as a church” file_pdf


Visiting Preachers 2017

Date Title Hand-out Recording
3/9/17, AM “The place of God in our Everyday lives”: James 4 v.13-17 Matt Faulkner
3/9/17, PM Dont get cut up! Galations 5 v.1-12 Keith Waters
9/7/17, PM “What is God like?” Exekiel 1 Rob McNeish
18/6/17, PM The Worthy Lamb: Revelation 5 Rob McNeish
18/6/17, AM Utter Love: John 13 v. 1-17 Geoff Sayer
26/3/17, AM Ezekiel 36 v.22-32 & 1 John 5 v.1-5 Evan King
26/3/17, PM Proverbs 1 v. 1-7 Matthew Faulkner
5/3/17, PM Isaiah 6 v.1-8 Myles MacBean, ZM


Morning Series: Mark’s Gospel ~ Pastor Colin & Paul Brown

Date Title Hand-out Recording
9/7/17, AM Mark 12:1-12 The question answered Paul Brown
2/7/17, AM Mark 11:27-33 “A Question of Authority” file_pdf
25/6/17, AM Mark 11:12-25 “Fig trees and money changers” file_pdf
11/6/17, AM Mark 11:1-11 & Psalm 118 Hosanna, Hosanna in the highest! Paul Brown
4/6/17, AM Mark 10:46-52 “He is calling you” file_pdf
28/5/17, AM Mark 10:32-45 A ransom for many Paul Brown
21/5/17, AM Mark 10:17-31 The Key to the Kingdom file_pdf
14/05/17, AM Mark 10:13-16 & Phil.2v1-11 Attitudes & Actions Paul Brown
7/5/17, AM Mark 10:1-12 “They are no longer two…” file_pdf
30/04/17, AM Mark 9:38-50 Discipleship Jesus’ Way file_pdf
02/04/17, AM Mark 9:30-37 If you want to be first; be last! file_pdf
19/03/17, AM Mark 9:14-29 Faith Matters file_pdf
12/03/17, AM Mark 9:2-13 “Listen to him” Paul Brown
05/03/17, AM Mark 8:31-9:1 “And he began to teach them…” file_pdf
26/2/17, AM Mark 8:22-30 JESUS – Who do you say you are?” Paul Brown
19/2/17, AM Mark 8:11-21 “He has done all things well” file_pdf
12/2/17, AM Mark 8:1-13 Feeding the 4000 Paul Brown
5/2/17, AM Mark 7:24-37 “He has done all things well” file_pdf
29/1/17, AM Mark 7:14-23 Clean or unclean – Right with God or not Paul Brown
22/1/17, AM Mark 7:1-13 The Secret of True Cleanliness file_pdf
15/1/17, AM Mark 6:45-56 “He came to them, walking on the sea” file_pdf
27/11/16, AM Mark 6:30-44 Jesus has Compassion Paul Brown
13/11/16, AM Mark 6:14-29 “For Jesus’ name had become known” file_pdf
30/10/16, AM Mark 6:1-13 He’s more than a carpenter! file_pdf
16/10/16, AM Mark 5:21-43 “What is Faith?” file_pdf
9/10/16, AM Mark 5:1-20 “My chains are gone” file_pdf
18/9/16, AM Mark 4:33-41 “Who is this?” Paul Brown
11/9/16, AM Mark 4:26-34 “The Kingdom of God is…” file_pdf
4/9/16, AM Mark 4:21-25 Shine a Light! file_pdf
14/8/16, AM Mark 4:1-20 Heart Condition file_pdf
7/8/16, AM Mark 3:31-35 Meet the Family! file_pdf
31/7/16, AM Mark 3:13-70 Mad, Bad or Good? Paul Brown
24/7/16, AM Mark 2:23-3:6 “When the great crowd heard all the He was doing” file_pdf
17/7/16, AM Mark 2:23-3:6 Lord of the Sabbath file_pdf
10/7/16, AM Mark 2:18-22 A Distinctive Gospel! file_pdf
3/7/16, AM Mark 2:13-17 An Outrageous Gospel!
(Some recording issues: apologies)
26/6/16, AM Mark 2:1-12 The day the roof came off! file_pdf
19/6/16, AM Mark 1:39-45 Living Obedient Lives Paul Brown
12/6/16, AM Mark 1:29-39 Power and Purpose file_pdf
5/6/16, AM Mark 1:21-28 “And they were astonished at his teaching” file_pdf
29/5/16, AM Mark 1:14-20 “The time is fulfilled” file_pdf
22/5/16, AM Mark 1:9-13 “In those days Jesus came…” file_pdf
15/5/16, AM Mark 1:1-11 v8 “I have… but he will” But Jesus Paul Brown
1/5/16, AM Mark 1:1 Monumental Proclamation file_pdf


Evening Series ~ Living in the Psalms ~ Pastor Colin

Date Title Hand-out Recording
2/7/17, PM Psalm 86 “I will glorify your Name forever” file_pdf
25/6/17, PM Psalm 85 “O God of our salvation” file_pdf
11/6/17, PM Psalm 84 Longing for the courts of the Lord file_pdf
4/6/17, PM Psalm 83 When God seems silent file_pdf
28/5/17, PM Psalm 82 “Arise, O God” file_pdf
21/5/17, PM Psalm 81 “With honey from the rock I would satisfy you” file_pdf
14/5/17, PM Psalm 80 “Restore us, O God” file_pdf
7/5/17, PM Psalm 79 “For the glory of your name” file_pdf
30/4/17, PM Psalm78:1-8 “That the next generation might know” file_pdf
2/4/17, PM Psalm 77 Tracing God’s Footprint file_pdf
19/3/17, PM Psalm 76 Who can stand before You? file_pdf
12/3/17, PM Psalm 75 “But I will declare it forever” file_pdf
26/2/17, PM Psalm 74 What’s going on Lord? file_pdf
19/2/17, PM Psalm 73:1-28 “Truly God is good…” file_pdf


Easter 2017

Date Title Hand-out Recording
23/4/17, PM John 21:1-19 “I was there” Looking at Peter “Now I love you” Paul Brown
23/4/17, AM John 20:19-20, 24-31 “I was there” Looking at Thomas “Now I believe” Paul Brown – including Nick’s ‘Trek for Kids’
16/4/17, PM Luke 24:13-35 “Did not our hearts burn within us…” file_pdf
16/4/17, AM Luke 24:44-47 Easter Transformation Easter Sunday – Colin Stringer
14/4/17, AM Good Friday Good Friday – Paul Brown
9/4/17, PM John 18:28-40 & John 19:1-16 When Kingdoms Clash file_pdf
9/4/17, AM John 12:12-19 & John 19:12-16 What kind of King do you want? file_pdf


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